AGM 2019 Notice

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Under the new arrangements which we made at last year’s AGM, this is formal notice to members and others that this year’s AGM will take place in the Courtroom of the Tolbooth at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 22nd May.The agenda for the meeting will be sent out next week.

Can I encourage as many of you as possible to come? A lot of what has taken place over the last year can, of course, be found on the net, though in truncated form. Much more will be revealed at the AGM. 

Although no citizen of Vienenburg (or Goslar) has, as far as we know, set foot in Forres so far this year, that will change at the end of the month, and then there is that event in Vienenburg in September.

Our target is to have at least 20 people going for the 35th anniversary and we are well on the way to reaching that figure. A liquid meeting will be held towards the end of June for all those who have decided to go but also for those who are swithering. There is still plenty time. By that time the details of the trip will have been pretty-well firmed up and accommodation arranged for those who have not been there before.

In the meantime, an additional reason for attending the AGM is to see the tremendous changes which have been made in the Tolbooth Courtroom as a result of the efforts of a couple of handfuls of dedicated members of the Forres Heritage Trust who have been slaving away every Friday morning on ‘The Great Makeover’.

At the conclusion of the formal business, there will, as usual, be refreshments and the chance both to socialise in the comfort of the newly-insulated  courtroom and – we hope – to enjoy some visuals using the newly-installed equipment.

Your committee needs you – and hopes to see you there!


Kindest regards,