Month: May 2018

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School Twinning

June sees the arrival of two teachers and eight pupils from the Vicco-von-Bülow Oberschule in Vienenburg. The visit will last from Monday, 11th to Saturday, 16th This is the first real teacher-led pupil exchange for many years. On this occasion, the group will be staying in the hostel in Findhorn, but it is highly likely that future visits from…
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Annual General Meeting – Proposals

Apart from the conventional business that an AGM involves, there will have to be a few alterations to the constitution which we’re sure you will be happy to accept – nothing controversial, more a process of bringing it up-to-date. Just to remind you, the changes being proposed are: 1. That our name should be changed to: The Royal Burgh of Forres &…
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Twinning on the Internet

A recently-recruited member of the association is Shaun Moat who was the Chairman of Forres Soccer 7s. Shaun stepped aside from that role to be able to spend more time with his family. He brings to the association two particularly important assets – youth and a mastery of the intricacies of Facebook. He has already redesigned our Facebook header and…
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