Month: August 2019

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Vienenburg 35th Anniversary Trip

Not long to go now before we head to Vienenburg for this much-anticipated visit. Travelling from Inverness with KLM at the embarrassingly-friendly time of 1.30pm is something no one would have forecast all those years ago. Anyway, all arrangements are in place – except that we plan to do a couple of rehearsals over the…
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Review of the Year | June 2019

Forres Academy trip to Vienenburg  A group of six pupils accompanied by two members of staff went to Vienenburg in mid-June. The association gave £200 towards the cost of the trip. I’ll let Emma Harris, PT Modern Languages at the academy tell the story:  A small group of pupils and staff enjoyed a very successful…
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Review of the Year | May 2019

Second visit of JSG* Harly to play against Forres Soccer 7s At the end of May, Forres Soccer 7s welcomed 36 Vienenburgers – 22 boys, one girl and 13 adults (parents and coaches). This was JSG Harly’s second visit in three years, Forres Soccer 7s having visited Vienenburg last year. As previously, the Vienenburg boys…
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Review of the Year | February 2019

Burns Night – Vienenburg style In February of this year, four members of the association gatecrashed the Vienenburg association’s Burns’ Night. Pearl Hamilton delivered a splendid Immortal Memory and your chairperson addressed the haggis in a somewhat faltering style which the audience thought was ‘the way it should be done’ but was caused by having…
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