Goslar Visit

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Goslar Visit

Two members of the committee visited Goslar in August. This was as a result of an invitation from the Goslar Oberburgermeister. Goslar had arranged a week-end get-together with representatives of all its six twin-towns – one in each of France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, England and Scotland. 

One morning was spent inspecting four of the ambitious and very expensive projects the city had embarked upon. The biggest of those was the re-development of the vast 3rd Reich airbase (later taken over by the Bundeswehr) which was out of bounds to locals until 2016 and is now being converted into a multi-purpose community centre.

At the heart of the week-end was a concert in the Kaiserpfalz on the Saturday evening when a young professional orchestra from Hamburg gave a superb performance of classical music.

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