Annual Quiz Night

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Annual Quiz Night

On Wednesday, November 7th we are hosting another Quiz Night in the Red Lion on Tolbooth Street. The first round will be a wee bit different. Anne Owen from the Falconer Museum’s staff has offered to do a round based on identifying some unusual artifacts from the museum’s collection.

Apparently, rounds of this nature can be prolonged, can generate more heat than light, more wit than wisdom, more passion than prudence, and can occasionally lead to the odd punch up. So, it should be interesting to say the least.

For the rest of the evening, it will be over, as usual, to Jeff and Pearl to bring a measure of sophistication to the proceedings. Your presence will be enthusiastically welcomed therefore at 7.30pm on the above date. As previously, tickets cost £3 per head, £12 for a team of four. And – our special offer – buy four get none free.

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