Visit to Vienenburg next September

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Visit to Vienenburg next September

Finally, the dates for next year’s trip to Vienenburg have now been fixed. The official celebration of our 35-year-old partnership will take place on either Friday 13th September or Saturday 14th September. That means that our group will presumably arrive in Vienenburg by Thursday 12th at the latest and leave at the earliest by Sunday 15th.

Since it is highly likely that most, if not all, will be flying to Germany, the process of researching the most economical travel arrangements can begin. Clearly, one advantage of flying – apart from spending less time getting there and back – is that there is no necessity for everyone to travel there and back on the same days.

As long as we are all together for the week-end, people can decide along with their hosts exactly when they will arrive and when depart. Having said that, it would probably be good for morale if we travelled together. It’s just that it’s not essential – as it obviously was in the past when travelling by bus.

There will be a meeting in the near future of those who intend to go so that we can discuss travel arrangements, hosting arrangements and ideas for possible excursions when we are there. In particular it would be useful to discuss ideas for at least one excursion which is not at the expense of our hosts.

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