Quiz Night

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Quiz Night

More than 50 people attended our Quiz Night on Wednesday 7th November  in the Red Lion Lounge. The first round was a bit out of the ordinary with the challenge being to identify five mystery objects kindly loaned for the evening by Anne Owen from the Falconer Museum. Nobody got them all right but a few got a few. We’ve added a picture of the five artifacts. If you think you know what they are – assuming you weren’t at the quiz – then answers on a postcard to our web page forres-twinning.co.uk by Saturday 8th December!

Don’t forget to enclose your entry fee cheque to the value of £100.

Jeff and Pearl Hamilton ran the rest of the show and managed to keep everyone under control. The evening added over £250 to the association’s funds.

We plan to run another quiz over the winter – probably in the second half of February and again with a selection of Falconer Museum mystery objects. Although the museum is closed for the winter, you might be able to persuade Anne to let you have a peek at her Aladdin’s Cave-like collection in the museum’s store in time for our next quiz.

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