Pearl and Jeff Hamilton visits to Vienenburg

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Pearl and Jeff Hamilton visits to Vienenburg

Pearl & I visited Vienenburg for their Burns’ Supper, earlier in the year. As usual we were given a very warm welcome.

Pearl & Jeff Hamilton

At the Burns’Supper the idea of a Beer Festival to be held at the Burgsaal was mooted. I obviously indicated that I was very keen to attend this and on my return to Forres I pestered Martin Mahnkopf for a date and promptly booked our flights. I found out afterwards that it was partly due to my insistence that the“Vienenburger Gaudi” went ahead.

Newspaper Clipping
‘Pearl and Jeff living it up with Vienenburg stalwarts Martin Mahnkopf and
Hans-Joachim Bienert at the local Beer Fest’.

We were invited to have dinner with Pay and Joanna, the son and daughter in law of our good friend,Sabina Bartel. After an excellent dinner we took a short walk to the Burgsaal which proved to be an excellent venue, if a little crowded. Everyone was dressed for an Oktoberfest Party and a good night was had by all. Excellent company and excellent beer, what more could we ask for?

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