Facebook Page and Forres -Twinning Web Page

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Facebook Page and Forres -Twinning Web Page

Our Facebook page, managed by Shaun Moat, is up and running and available to the whole world. For those of you, like me, who don’t quite understand Facebook and why hundreds of people you don’t know suddenly appear there with photos of babies and beaches & BBQ’s

and tell you lots of things you’d rather not know, it’s just a reminder of how old and un-cool we are. But if through that fog of trivia our message emerges triumphant then maybe we should go with the flow.

            For those of you who are not Facebook fans – and for those of you who are – a further internet development is worthy of your attention. Shaun has constructed a Web Page for the association which I think will have great practical use.  It says who we – and our twin towns – are. It records news from the association (i.e. what we have been doing and what we plan to do), it has a calendar upon which will be recorded forthcoming events, and finally, it has a contact section where you can e-mail to the association any ideas, information, criticisms, songs, poems and other forms of inspiration which you think deserve a wider audience. Anything you send in will come only to the committee and may be added to the news section but not without your approval. No attempt will be made to improve upon any submissions of a literary nature – unless there is a typo or a misspeling. 

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