Vienenburg 35th Anniversary Trip

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Vienenburg 35th Anniversary Trip

Not long to go now before we head to Vienenburg for this much-anticipated visit. Travelling from Inverness with KLM at the embarrassingly-friendly time of 1.30pm is something no one would have forecast all those years ago.

Anyway, all arrangements are in place – except that we plan to do a couple of rehearsals over the next fortnight for our cultural contribution.  

It’s not too late for anyone to join the group. All you need is (a bit over) £200 for the return flights – a small price to pay for a great experience. No need to speak German.  All doors will be thrown open to you.

Finally, I cannot close without mentioning the death last week of one of the original members of the twinning association – Dr Harry Morgan. Harry was in at the birth of the association and helped greatly to get it up and running. He was always there.  For many years he was on the committee, providing hospitality, dancing the ladies off their feet at ceilidhs (well into his eighties), holding conversational (and convivial) German evenings in his house (into his nineties) and much more.

Perhaps we’ll attempt a fuller appreciation of Harry at a later date.

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