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Vienenburg Footballers return in May

The last week in May will see the return of Vienenburg’s finest young footballers. A group of 36 – 23 boys and 13 adults will arrive in the early hours of Wednesday, 29th May. The boys of JSG Harly will once more take on the might of Forres Soccer 7s in Grant Park on Friday,…
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February Quiz Night

Our Quiz Night on the 20th of February was very successful. About 50 people took part. We again started with a round of mystery objects from the Falconer Museum’s great collection (see accompanying picture) before continuing with the more conventional rounds in which most people had many of the right answers on the tips of…
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Round 2 – Quiz Night

Pearl and Jeff Hamilton visits to Vienenburg

Pearl & I visited Vienenburg for their Burns’ Supper, earlier in the year. As usual we were given a very warm welcome. At the Burns’Supper the idea of a Beer Festival to be held at the Burgsaal was mooted. I obviously indicated that I was very keen to attend this and on my return to…
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Quiz Night

More than 50 people attended our Quiz Night on Wednesday 7th November  in the Red Lion Lounge. The first round was a bit out of the ordinary with the challenge being to identify five mystery objects kindly loaned for the evening by Anne Owen from the Falconer Museum. Nobody got them all right but a…
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Stop Press

The problem which JSG Harly (Vienenburg’s young footballers club) had(see Archive, May 2018) regarding the age of the boys coming to Forres next year and the number of accompanying adults has been resolved. Following on from suggestions made by Forres Soccer 7s, they will now come with a slightly lower numbers of boys (about 15)…
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Annual Quiz Night

On Wednesday, November 7th we are hosting another Quiz Night in the Red Lion on Tolbooth Street. The first round will be a wee bit different. Anne Owen from the Falconer Museum’s staff has offered to do a round based on identifying some unusual artifacts from the museum’s collection. Apparently, rounds of this nature can…
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Visit to Vienenburg next September

Finally, the dates for next year’s trip to Vienenburg have now been fixed. The official celebration of our 35-year-old partnership will take place on either Friday 13th September or Saturday 14th September. That means that our group will presumably arrive in Vienenburg by Thursday 12th at the latest and leave at the earliest by Sunday…
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Facebook Page and Forres -Twinning Web Page

Our Facebook page, managed by Shaun Moat, is up and running and available to the whole world. For those of you, like me, who don’t quite understand Facebook and why hundreds of people you don’t know suddenly appear there with photos of babies and beaches & BBQ’s and tell you lots of things you’d rather…
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Forres Area Soccer 7s

Forres Soccer 7s, having enjoyed a trip to Vienenburg last summer, following on from the visit from Vienenburg’s young footballers in 2015, were hoping to entertain the German boys next year but currently there is a hitch because the boys are a bit younger than those who came two years ago and some of the…
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